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(f) Information Desk Attendant
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Job ID 4077
Job Type On-Campus FWS Jobs
Employer LU / Office of Student Activities
Date Posted Aug 31, 2018
Category Administrative Assistant
Job Description This position will be responsible for assisting the Student Activities Staff. This person will: *Enforce rules and regulations governing the student center including alcohol policies, smoking policies posting and space use *Assist in the development, organization, and implementation of Student Center programs, activities, and entertainment as directed by the Student Activities staff *Attend requested meetings with the coordinator of Student Activities and attend regularly scheduled staff training and information meetings *Assist in the sale of tickets, event sign up and distribution of other information and educational materials *Accurately maintain the information desk attendant's round sheet *Communicate effectively and personably with professional staff, faculty and student staff, student customers, and guests of the college.
Job Requirements 1) Students must possess positive and effective communication skills 2) Student must be able to follow specific guidelines and instructions 3) Student must be able to effectively relate to the public and college community 4) Student must be able to deal with a diverse group of people and work experience and be able to shift roles quickly 5) Student must be able to work weekend shifts if needed.
Available Openings 4
Hours 5.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $11.00/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name Josiah Harris-Adam
Contact Email
Work Location McKenna Student Center
Phone 617-349-8537
Fax 617-349-8640