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25 Most Recently Posted Jobs
Job Title Posted on Employer Category
On-Campus FWS Jobs
Job Title Posted on Employer Category
(f) OCS Office Assistant 2/6/2018 9:42:18 AM LU / Career Resource Center Administrative Assistant
(f) Disability Aide 2/1/2018 1:08:07 PM LU / Disability Services Tutoring
(f) Event Manager Assistant 2/1/2018 10:51:14 AM CLAS / Dean's Office Operations Assistant
(f) Field Training Office Assistant 1/31/2018 3:10:19 PM GSASS / Expressive Therapies Field Training Administrative Assistant
(f) Administrative Assistant 1/18/2018 11:40:53 AM CLAS / Education Department Administrative Assistant
(f) Design Department Admissions Assistant 1/16/2018 9:46:07 AM CAD / Design Department Promotional Assistant
(f) Digitization Assistant 1/16/2018 9:45:46 AM LU / Sherill Library Library Assistant
(f) Technical Assistant 1/9/2018 10:02:13 AM LU / Information Technology Technical Assistant
Van Driver- 15 passenger 1/5/2018 2:13:35 PM LU / Athletics Office Operations Assistant
(f) Photoshop Editor/Graphic Designer 1/5/2018 2:12:39 PM LU / Athletics Office Promotional Assistant
(f) Lesley at Bunker Hill Student Assistant (FW) 11/21/2017 11:11:36 AM LCAL / Center for the Adult Learner Operations Assistant
(f) Gallery Attendant - (FWS) VanDernoot Gallery, Cambridge 9/20/2017 2:58:08 PM CAD / Gallery Studio/Gallery Assistant
(f) Access Specialist 9/12/2017 4:40:12 PM LU / Disability Services Technical Assistant
(f) Office Assistant-FWS 9/12/2017 9:02:45 AM CLAS / Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department Administrative Assistant
(f) Graduate work-study student 9/6/2017 11:39:51 AM CLAS / Psychology and Applied Therapies Administrative Assistant
Off-Campus FWS Jobs
Job Title Posted on Employer Category
(f) Extended Day Assistant Teacher 1/17/2018 10:07:29 AM Off / Garden Nursery School Teacher Assistant
(f) Communications Assistant 9/1/2017 12:13:13 PM Off / Cambridge At Home Administrative Assistant
(f) Site Coordinator (Part-Time) 9/1/2017 12:13:04 PM Off / Tutoring Plus of Cambridge Tutoring
(f) Office & Community Organizing Assistant 9/1/2017 12:13:04 PM Off / Agassiz Baldwin Community Administrative Assistant
On-Campus Lesley Jobs (Non-Workstudy)
Job Title Posted on Employer Category
(l) Digital Lockup Assistant 2/21/2018 11:27:15 AM CAD / Academic Computer Lab Technical Assistant
(l) Disability Aide 2/7/2018 11:47:18 AM LU / Disability Services Tutoring
(l) Technical Assistant 1/22/2018 4:29:13 PM LU / Information Technology Technical Assistant
(l) Game/Fitness Center Assistant-Winter Break 1/5/2018 2:13:03 PM LU / Athletics Office Administrative Assistant
(l) Spring Semester Phonathon Caller 11/28/2017 11:38:30 AM LU / Advancement / Phonathon Office Promotional Assistant
(l) Campus Services Student Assistant 9/1/2017 2:27:52 PM LU / Campus Services/ Card Office Operations Assistant
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