Job Planner

This page lists campus jobs that have historically been offered by various departments. You may use the list to get a feel for which departments offer jobs you may be interested in. Not all of these jobs are actually available. Rather, these jobs are listed only as examples of the on-campus employment offered, and to give you ideas for jobs which may become available in the future.

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Job Planner
CAD / Academic Computer Lab
(f) AIB Computer Lab Technician
(f) Animation Lab Monitor
(f) Design Lab Assistant
(f) Digital Fabrication Lab Assistant
(f) Digital Facilities Assistant
(f) Digital Lockup Assistant
(f) Fine Art Print Lab Assistant
(F) Graduate Academic Computing Supervisor
(f) Lab and Office Assistant
CAD / Admissions Office
(f) Data Entry Specialist
(f) Office Support/AIB Tour guide
CAD / Animation Department
(f) 3-D Print Lab Monitor
(f) Animation Monitor
CAD / Community Engagement
LA+D Community Engagement Events
CAD / Dean's Office
(f) Academic Affairs Designer
(f) Advising Front Desk Liaison
(f) Advising Office Assistant
(f) Audio Visual Monitor
(f) Gallery Assistant
(f) Lunder Arts Center Gallery Liason
CAD / Design Department
(f) Design Department Admissions Assistant
(f) Design Department Assistant I
(f) Digital Designer / Web Operator for the AIB Design Department 
(f) Junior Designer
(f) Software demonstration teacher
CAD / Extended Programs
(f) Art + Design Coordinator
(f) Art and Design Coordinator
(f) Education Assistant
(f) Office Assistant, Office of Extended Programs
CAD / Foundation Department
(f) classroom monitor
(f) foundation assistant
CAD / Gallery
(f) Gallery Attendant - (FWS) VanDernoot Gallery, Cambridge
CAD / Illustration Department
(f) Illustration Assistant
CAD / MFA in Visual Arts
(f) MFA Program Assistant
CAD / Moriarty Library
(f) Digital Imaging Student Assistant
(f) Moriarty Library Circulation & Digitization Assistant
(f) Moriarty Library Circulation Assistant
CAD / Photography Laboratory
(f) Assistant Photo Lab Technician
(f) Photography Department Assistant
(f) Print Lab Student Manager
CAD/ Fine Arts Department
(f) Classroom Monitor
(f) Classroom Monitor II
(f) Kiln Firer/Ceramics Studio Maintenance/Monitor
(f) Printmaking Studio Monitor
(f) Printroom Monitor
(f) Woodshop Monitor
CLAS / Advising Center
(f) Administrative Assistant-FWS
(f) Advising Office Assistant
(f) Office Assistant
CLAS / Dean's Office
(f) Event Manager Assistant
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Social Media /Website Assistant
Office Assistant
CLAS / Education Department
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Director's Assistant
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Work Study Position
CLAS / Humanities Department
(f) Clerical and Research Assistant
(f) Faculty Assistant
(f) Research Assistant
(f) Research Assistant
(f) Research/course assistant
(f) Work Study Position
CLAS / Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department
(f) Garden Assistant
(f) Lab Assistant I
(f) Lab Assistant II
(f) Office Assistant-FWS
(f) Research Assistant NSM: Urban Ecology of Mt. Auburn Cemetery
(f)Senior Laboratory Assistant
Lab Assistant
CLAS / Psychology and Applied Therapies
(f) Faculty Assistant
(f) Graduate work-study student
Research Assistant
CLAS / Social Science Department
(f) Office Assistant-FWS
(f)Research Assistant
GSASS / Counseling & Psych Field Training Office
(f) Field Training Office Assistant
GSASS / Expressive Therapies Field Training
(f) Field Training Office Assistant
GSASS / Counseling/Psych Department
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Administrative Assistant
GSASS / Creative Arts Department
(f) Office Assistant
GSASS / Dean's Office
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Office Assistant II
GSASS / Division of Interdisciplinary Inquiry
(f) Office Assistant - Undergrad Student
(f) Office Assistant - Undergraduate or Graduate Student
(f)Website Assistant-Undergrad
Filing and Organizing Assistant
GSASS / Expressive Therapies Department
(f) Expressive Therapies Studio Technician
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Office Assistant II
GSASS / Intercultural Relations
(f) Administrative Assistant
GSASS / MFA Creative Writing Department
(f) Administrative Assistant to Creative Writing Program
(f) Program Assistant
GSOE / Dean's Office
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Administrative Assistant-Special Education
(f) Dean's Office Assistant
(f) ePortfolio Assistant
(f) Office Assistant for Special Projects
GSOE / Program Evaluation and Research Group
(f) Project Assistant
GSOE / WonderLab
(f) Ethiopia Science Story Layout Designer
(f) Program Director
(f) WonderLab Educator
(f) WonderLab Program Coordinator
Research Assistant Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Urban Ecology of Mt. Auburn Cemetery
GSOE/ Science Techonology Engineering and Math Collaborative (STEM)
(f) STEM Assistant
LC / Provost's Office
(f) Administrative Assistant, Graduate Student, Office of the Provost
LCAL / Center for the Adult Learner
(f) Lesley at Bunker Hill Student Assistant (FW)
(f) Office Assistant
LU / Admissions Services
(f) Admissions Assistant
(f) Admissions Assistant, Communications
(f) Data Entry Assistant
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Senior Graduate Assistant: Application Coordinator
(f) Senior Graduate Assistant: Application Coordinator
(f) Senior Graduate Assistant: Enrollment Operations Coordinator
LU / Advancement / Phonathon Office
(f) Telefund Caller- Federal Work Study
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Alumni Relations Assistant
(f) Data Services Assistant I
(f) Data Services Assistant II
(f) Senior Telefund Student Supervisor
(f) Student Fundraiser
(f) Telefund Student Supervisor
LU / Alumni Recruitment & Logistics
(f) Graduate Assistant
(F) Program Assistant
Student Recruitment Support Representative
LU / Alumni Relations Office
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Alumni Relations Grad Assistant
(f) Office Assistant
LU / Athletics Office
(f) Athletics Game Day Scorekeeping
(f) Athletics-Photographer
(f) Basketball Manager
(f) Data Entry
(f) Equipment Room Assistant
(f) Fitness Center Front Desk
(f) Game Day Events Staff
(f) Graphic Designer
(f) Laundry Services
(f) Photographer
(f) Photoshop Editor/Graphic Designer
(f) Sports Writer/Journalism
(f) Van Assistant/Athletics
(f) Van Driver
(f) Video Camera Operator/Media Production
(f)Student-Athlete Mentor
LU / Business Management and Communications Department
(f) Business MGMT Administrative Assistant
LU / Campus Services/Cafeteria
(f) Catering Attendant
(f) Dishwasher
(f) Food Prep/Dishroom Attendant/Utility
LU / Campus Services/Public Safety
(f) Public Safety Driver / Escort
LU / Campus Services/Student Mail Center
(f) Student Center Mailroom Student Assistant
LU / Career Resource Center
(f) America Reads Tutor
(f) America Reads Tutor - Cambridge Public Schools
(f) Career Ambassador-LUCAD
(f) Career Resource Center Student Ambassador
(f) Career Services Assistant (FWS)
(f) Career Survey Caller
(f) Graphic Designer
(f) Job Database Assistant
(f) Math Tutor-Cambridge Public Schools
(f) OCS College Access Mentor
(f) OCS Graduate Assistant
(f) OCS Graphic Designer
(f) OCS Office Assistant
(f) OCS Office Assistant
(f) OCS Program Coordinator
(f) Photographer
(f) Research Assistant (FWS)
(f) Summer Corps of Service I
(f) Summer Corps of Service II
LU / Center for Academic Achievement
(f) Graduate MTEL Tutor
(f) Graduate Student Tutor
(f) Math Tutor-Undergraduate Courses
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Peer Supervisor
(f) Retention Fellow
(f) Saturday Receptionist
(f) Supplemental Instruction Leader
(f) Undergraduate Tutor
LU / Center for Children, Families and Public Policy
(f) Center Assistant
LU / Creativity Commons
(f) Coordinator of Communication & Outreach
LU / Disability Services
(f) Access Specialist
(f) Director's Assistant-Administrative Assistant
(f) Disability Aide
(f) Technical Assistant-Disability Services
LU / eLearning and Instructional Support
(f) eLearning Support Assistant
LU / Finance Office
(f) Budget Assistant
(f) Student Assistant
LU / Financial Aid Office
(f) Director's Assistant
(f) Financial Literacy Ambassador (FinLit)
(f) Graduate Assistant-Student Financial Services
(f) Office Assistant I
(f) Office Assistant II
(f) SALT Ambassasador
(f) Senior Office Assistant
LU / Global Education Center
(f) Study Abroad Researcher
(f) Study Abroad Graduate Assistant
LU / Graduate Admissions Office
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Admissions Assistant (Work-Study)
(f) Graduate Admissions Assistant-Student Caller
(f) Graduate Admissions Student Ambassador
(f) Graduate Assistant - Undergraduate
(f) Graduate Assistant/International Admissions
(f) Telemarketer/Event Assistant
LU / Human Resources Department
(f) HR Assistant II
(f) HR Coordinator
(f) Human Resources Assistant
LU / Information Technology
(f) Help Desk Representative
(f) Social Media Coordinator
(f) Student Technician
LU / Marketing Communications
(f) Assistant to the Marketing Department
(f) Digital Assistant
(f) Digital Assistant
(f) Graphic Designer
(f) Marketing Photography Assistant
(f) Social Media Fellows
(f) Videographer/Photographer
LU / Office of Administration
(f) Campus Planning Assistant-FWS
(f) Lesley Bike Share Program Assistant
(f) Sustainability Program Assistant
(f) Sustainability Student Assistant
LU / Office of Communications
(f) Assistant for Communications and Social Media-FWS
(f) Communications Assistant
(f) Communications Assistant
LU / Office of Student Activities
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Information Desk Attendant
(f) Information Desk Student Manager
(f) OSA Sound and Light Technician
(f) Student Design Consultant
LU / Plant Admin
(f) Mailroom Student Assistant
LU / Plant Operations
(f) Campus Planning Assistant
(f) Clerk/Typist
(f) Sustainability Assistant
(f) Sustainability Data Assistant
LU / President's Office
(f) Staff Assistant
LU / Provost's Office
(f) Project Coordinator, Office of the Provost
(f) Administrative Assistant-Women's Center
(f) Peer Leader & Program Coordinator
(f) Study Abroad Office Assistant
(f) Study Abroad Researcher
Graduate Conference Assistant
LU / Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative
(f) Marketing Designer
(f) Project Assistant
(f) Project Assistant, Research
(f) Project Assistant-FWS
LU / Registrar's Office
(f) Administrative Assistant I
(f) AIB Office Assistant
(f) Graphic Designer
(f) Office Assistant
LU / Sherill Library
(f) Circulation Assistant I
(f) Circulation Assistant II
(f) Collection Services Assistant
(f) Collection Services. Archives, and Marketing Student Assistant
(f) Digital Projects Assistant
(f) Library Digital Projects Assistant
(f) Library Event Filmmaker
(f) Main Library/Interlibrary Loan Assistant
(f) Student Reference Assistant
LU / Student Accounts Office
(f) Graduate Assistant-Student Financial Services
(f) Office Assistant
(f) Office Assistant to Senior Student Account Counselors
LU / Student Life and Academic Development
(f) Commuter Student Services Office Assistant
(f) Dean's Office Assistant
(f) Food Pantry Assistant
(f) Graduate Assistant II
LU / Threshold
(f) Threshold Program Assistant
(f) Threshold Program Assistant
LU / Undergraduate Admissions
(f) Undergraduate Student Outreach Ambassador
(f) Graduate Assistant: Admissions Project Coordinator
(f) Special Projects Assistant
LU / Visitor Services Center
(F) Admissions Ambassador
(f) Graduate Admissions Ambassador
(f) Graduate Assistant
(f) Undergraduate (Degree Completion) Admissions Ambassador
(f) Undergraduate Overnight Host
(f) Visitor Center Assistant
Off / Agassiz Baldwin Community
(f) 1st-5th Grade Afterschool Teaching Assistant
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Assistant Art Teacher
(f) Kindergarten Afterschool Assistant Teacher
(f) Office & Community Organizing Assistant
(f) Preschool Teaching Assistant
Off / American Repertory Theater
Graphic Designer
Off / BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life)
(f)After School Tutor
Off / Boston Ballet
(f)Adminstrative Assistant
Off / Boston Children's Museum
Education Programs Assistant
Off / Cambridge At Home
(f) Communications & Outreach Assistant
(f) Communications Assistant
(f) Office Assistant
Off / Cambridge Community Center
Assistant Teacher
Off / College Application Education Project, INC
Outreach Mentor
Outreach Mentor
Off / Commonwealth Children's Center
Assistant Floating Teacher
Assistant Floating Teacher
Off / Garden Nursery School
(f) Extended Day Assistant Teacher
(f) Extendend Day Support Teacher
(f) Preschool Teacher Helper
Off / Graham & Parks Alternative School
(f) Library Assistant
Off / Judge Baker Children's Center
Research Assistant
Off / King Open School
Library Assistant
Off / Margaret Fuller House
Administrative Assistant
Off / Museum of Fine Arts
(f) Ambassador
Off / Phoenix Charter Academy
Biology Tutor
High School Tutor
Off / Prospect Hill Academy Charter School
Writing Center Tutor
Off / Tutoring Plus of Cambridge
(f) Administrative Assistant
(f) Development Associate
(f) Photographer & Publicity Coordinator
(f) Site Coordinator for Out-of-School Time Program
(f) Site Coordinator for Science Enrichment programs
(f) Site Coordinator of an After School Program (Part-Time)
(f) Volunteer Coordinator
Off / Urban Ecology Institute
(f) (Education) Program Assistant
(f) (Sustainable Cities) Program Assistant
(f) Administrative & Development Assistant
(F) Marketing Coordinator
Off / WorldTeach
(f) Africa Teacher Quality Coordinator
(f) Alumni Engagement Coordinator
(f) Asia Teacher Quality Coordinator
(f) Assessment Developer
(f) Campus Outreach Coordinator
(f) Curriculum Developer
(f) Curriculum Editor
(f) Education Program Assistant
(f) ESL Professional Development Specialist
(f) Graphic Design Assistant
(f) Latin America Teacher Quality Coordinator
(f) M&E Specialist
(f) Marketing & Publicity Assistant
(f) Math/Science Professional Development Specialist
(f) Math/Science Teacher Quality Coordinator
(f) Pacific Islands Teacher Quality Coordinator
(f) Teacher Quality Program Manager
Accounting Intern
Accounting Intern
Alumni Engagement Intern
Alumni Engagement Internship
Campus Outreach Internship
Marketing & Publicity Internship
Marketing and Publicity Intern
Program Assistant
Programs Assistant
Teacher Quality Coordinator(Asia or Latin America)
Teacher Quality Program Manager
Student Employment Office
TEST /Employer
TEST - Please do not apply